Employment Search By Social Security Number – Pros And Cons Of The System

If you are in the market for a job or a change of one then there are a few things you need to know about applying for work through employment agencies – so far as fudging your resume and testimonials are concerned that is. The internet has made it very convenient for employers and employment agencies to scan and get your entire work experience as well as any comments made by your previous employer through special software.

The culprit and main key to all your employment records is your SSN or social security number. There is little that cannot be found about an individual if he or she has a social security number. And all this information can be gatherer in as little as 24 hours. This process is known as employee search through SSN.

If an employment agency conducts a search with your SSN then rest assured they will come up will all the information regarding your activities regarding employment. All the places you have worked, the kind of work you have been doing, employers references, and even all other employment agencies you have applied through presently or in the past. Many companies use this system to screen out undesired candidates by searching for undesirable work records or police records of the individual.

Now this can prove to be bad for the people who have been trotting on the wrong path but have firmly desired to improve their record. A search by SSN will definitely hamper their program and may even send them back to square one instead of giving them a chance – but who wants to take chances any way. This is the reason we have Employment searches using Social Security Numbers.

It must be borne in mind that employee search by social security number was devised to safeguard the interests of the company as a whole. It is also a way to protect the employees that are already working in the company from unscrupulous elements infiltrating the work space. This method was not devised to pry into the personal space of individuals but it does have its drawbacks. This is the reason that an individual must be informed prior to the search being conducted that there will be information personal in nature that may be exposed. It is up to the individual to accept or decline. Anonymous searches into the back ground of an individual is illegal.

However the safety of the applicant who consents to such a search must also be borne in mind. In an employment agency sees some record that is not very important theses companies must ensure that it does not hinder the employment process of the individual. Employment search by social security number is a necessary evil that must be carried out if the business interests of a company and the safety of the employees is to be safeguarded.

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Finding The Right Employment Opportunity – Putting Up With The Long Wait

Those who have ever indulged in finding the work knows that getting the right employment opportunity is a rarity. It starts a leisurely activity where in you search through the newspaper advertisements but slowly this search goes on for weeks and weeks without giving the right break. Though applying online sounds viable but it has over the period of time as become a common practice. After applying for greatest employment opportunity, there comes a long wait for the reply from full in anxiety. The people wait and wait and ponders when they would receive a call.

This wait in between can be a testing times for the individuals. Hoping around from one employment opportunity to next time is really tiring and discouraging. But one can do a lot of good if he fills in the gap with productive measures during this wait and this will surely increase the individual’s chances of getting hired. An individual may either sit idle in between the gaps or the other option is to take the help of career counselor or career centre to hone the interviewing skill and brush up the resume. This will be reflected in the next interview when one will display confidence and focus during the interview and this will be surely taken note of by the employer.

The career centre or the counselor can also help to locate the employment opportunity that cannot be found anywhere else. The companies usually advertise online or in newspaper but these career centre or career counselor establish associations with the companies that give them inside information of the openings on varied positions existing in local companies. Thus it gives individuals a chance to display new skills they have learned during the time in the interview. Even if the interview is not successful one time or the job seems misfit the same skills can be tried and put into use in the the next scheduled interview.

Though the wait for right employment opportunity is tiring but it is important for an individual to keep himself busy in other useful things and a person should always carry a positive attitude. This will help him to keep him on level. One failure in the employment opportunity doesn’t mean that it will lead to another failure. One should try to fit in the job which matches his skill. The misfit job will again force an individual to look for another employment opportunity. But mean time a person can take a temporary job and wait for the some bigger openings. This job is usually something a person will not mind quitting once the position they’ve been waiting for opens up.

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How to Find a Career For Your Type of Personality

Are you thinking (or have been dreaming) of choosing or changing your career but don’t quite know where or how to start? Does the job you have bore you because of little opportunities for growth? Or, are you unemployed or in the face of unemployment. Whatever reasons you have the right career is out there for you. Check out these tips that will help you find a career.

1. Focus on yourself. Get a piece of paper and write down what makes you happy. To ask yourself will help you decide what profession will satisfy you. Do you like interacting with people? Do you like meeting new people? Do you enjoy working with your hands? Do you want to work at home? Does consistency work for you or repetition is your thing? If you don’t enjoy the environment you’re working you will not be successful. Having a job that you enjoy and have fun with is the best.

2. Based you life experiences what projects have you done or topics you’re an authority on that excite you imagination or fuel your passion? Ask yourself why these activities make you happy, and pay attention to times when you are really having fun.

3. Create a captivating resume. Though resumes do not necessarily land you that dream career, an ill-prepared and poorly written resume will not help either. A resume that has a beautiful design that a lot of persons have never seen before is a tremendous in helping you find a career. Employers face resumes on a constant basis. An ordinary resume will always land at the paper shredder. Lastly, use positive action verbs like corresponded, accomplished, implemented, validated, this will make the achievement sound even more impressive. If you need help, the Internet is a wealth of resources that will inspire you with resume building.

4. Always be prepared should you get that call its good that you are armed with the right information. If need be, attend special courses at your community college, find free video tutorials or otherwise from the Internet, if you can afford take online classes, or take online certification exams. The classes that you attend must have something to do with the career of your choice.

5. Got out there and talk to people who do what you want to do. Ask for information, learn what they do, ask questions and learn how they made it this far. Online message boards or forums are also places of general or specific discussion of certain topics, you could find your answers here. Bear in mind that while its true that experience is the best teacher, you don’t necessarily have to experience all their failures to find a career. Learn from the experience of others.

Do not pressure yourself in to your new career. Build a network or work part time in your new career before you fully commit yourself. This way there is still time to change to a new one should you realize this no the best path for you either. You owe it to yourself the chance for a happy and fulfilling career so what are you waiting for?

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